Copper Smelting Plants

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Copper Smelting Plants

We are proud of the size of our track record of delivery of MESCO’s copper smelting and refining technologies both in Japan and overseas. We have a wide range of plant designs available to offer for the copper smelting and electrolytic copper refining applications as well as for their ancillary facilities (for utilities supply, exhaust gas treatment, waste water treatment, etc.) in order to meet the respective client’s needs and requirements.


Equipment Manufacture Machinery & Equipment Equipment & Components
Power Receiving & Transformer Facilities
Ore Unloading Berth Facilities
Ore Drying Facilities Kumera Ore Dryers
Constant Ore Feeders
Oxygen Plants
Flash Smelting Furnaces Flash Smelting Furnace Uptakes
Converters & Refining Furnaces(1) Converters & Refining Furnaces(2) Converters & Refining Furnaces(3) Converter Fugitive Gas Hoods(1) Converter Fugitive Gas Hoods(2)
Sulfuric Acid Plants Waste Heat Boilers(1) Waste Heat Boilers(2) Spring Hammers (External Shape) Spring Hammers (Construction Drawing) Spring Hammers (Installation Example) Spring Hammers (Installation Example)
Steam Power Plants Electrostatic Precipitators
Anode Casting Machines(1) Anode Casting Machines(2) Ladles
Electrically Heated Molten Copper Launders(1) Electrically Heated Molten Copper Launders(2)
Sulfate Gypsum Manufacturing Facilities Gypsum Dehydrators MESCO Pipes
Waste Water Treatment Facilities
Waste Acid Treatment Facilities
Exhaust Desulfurization Facilities(1) Exhaust Desulfurization Facilities(2)

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plants

We, MESCO, have a close and long-established technical tie-up with Glencore Technology, an engineering arm of a leading global copper producer. In the meantime, we have, among others, such material handling machines of our own development as cathode stripping machines (CSM), anode preparation machines (APM), and anode scrap washing machines (ASWM) available for delivery to the market.

Equipment Manufacture Machinery & Equipment Equipment & Components
ISA Process(1) ISA Process() ISA Process(3) Automatic Tankhouse Cranes
Tankhouse Handling Machines Automatic Cathode Stripping Machines(1) Automatic Cathode Stripping Machines(2) Automatic Cathode Stripping Machines(3) Polymer Cells
Anode Scrap Washing Machines Stainless Steel Cathode Plates
Anode Preparation Machines Lead Anodes
Anode Presses Electrolytic Cell Short Circuit Detectors
Impurities (Sb, Bi, etc.) Removal Plants
Tankhouse Rectifiers Tankhouse Busbars(1) Tankhouse Busbars(2)
Electrolytic Cell Voltage Monitoring Equipment
Operation Control DCS Facilities Electrolyte Copper Density Monitoring Equipment