Feb. 1964 Established as wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd., with a company name of “Sankin Kiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office at Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Capital 5 million Japanese Yen)
Apr. 1968 Capital increased to 20 million Japanese Yen
Apr. 1969 Capital increased to 50 million Japanese Yen
Nov. 1970 Trade name changed to Mitsui Kinzoku Engineering Service Company, Limited.
Capital increased to 200 million Japanese Yen
Jan. 1971 Opened Tohoku Branch Office in Hachinohe, Aomori
Mar. 1977 Changed English name of company to MESCO, Inc.
Jan. 1985 Moved head office to Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Mar. 1985 Increased capital to 400 million Japanese Yen
May. 1987 Established a local subsidiary MESCO (USA), INC. in the United States of America
Mar. 1988 Capital increased to 480 million Japanese Yen
Aug. 1988 Established MESCO PIPE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (100% subsidiary)
Sep. 1988 Acquired manufacturing and sales right of polyethylene complex pipe from Mitsui Kinzoku Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
May 1990 Established a local subsidiary MESCOENG (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. in Malaysia (100% subsidiary)
Mar. 1991 Capital increased to 503.6 million Japanese Yen
Jul. 1991 Consolidated MESCO PIPE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
Mar. 1993 Capital increased to 678.6 million Japanese Yen
Nov. 1994 Established a local subsidiary SIAM MESCO Co., Ltd. in Thailand (49% share holding)
Apr. 1999 Established a local subsidiary TAIWAN MESCO INC. in Taiwan (100% subsidiary)
Mar. 2000 Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange Section 2
Capital increased to 1,085.35 million Japanese Yen
Feb. 2005 Moved head office to Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Jul. 2006 Acquired engineering business from Mitsui Kinzoku Kyushu Engineering Co., Ltd. and construction/handling system business from Kamika Engineering Co. Ltd.