Quality,Environment,And Safety

SEQ Policy

Our SEQ policy is based on Mesco’s management philosophy of “Putting Our Customers First”, “Being Creative and Taking on Challenges”, and “Taking Joy in Our Work”.

Occupational Safety and Health

To prevent occurrence of occupational accidents and create a safe and comfortable working place environment.
To actively improve the level of safety and health by recognizing that the responsibility of safety and health belongs to all the managers, not only to the executives of the company, and in collaboration with all our employees and subcontractors.

Environment (ISO14001)

To contribute to creating an affluent society well harmonized with the global environment, by recognizing its siginificance, by striving to reduce the environmental loads and by preventing environmental pollution through business activities that take into consideration the life cycle perspective.

Quality (ISO9001)

To effectively operate the management system and offer the very best of our technologies and services to our customers, with the aim of establishing an organization that will win confidence of our customers and the society and thereby provide assurance.