Summary of Business

The “Engineering “ of MESCO is the “Engineering” for customers. The term “Engineering” is used in various fields such as “Civil Engineering”, “Project Engineering” or “Reengineering” and its definition varies from time to time.

MESCO defines it as optimization of “Three managerial resources, which are people, materials and money”. The managerial resources are limited. In the great wave of global standardization, each enterprise is pressed for this optimization.

MESCO, based on its abundant experience and expertise, sincerely hopes to assist the customers by “Engineering” in all stages of project from planning, feasibility study up to construction and operation.

The company was established in 1964 in order to develop the engineering sector of Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd., one of the leading non-ferrous metals producers in the world, specialized in this field and since then, the company has been engaged consistently as a specialized engineering company, in planning to project management, operation supervision and maintenance of the industrial plants not only for nonferrous metals ore dressing and smelting/refining plants but also for other metal processing, construction materials production and many other industrial plants.

The abundant experience and prominent technology of the company have won a very reputation, as “There is MESCO in Japan” not only in Japan but also throughout the work, particularly in the field of nonferrous metals smelting and refining plant engineering.

Technical Information

Our expertise is not only limited to technologies of our own developments. Our line of business also includes such overseas technologies as shown below, offered to our customers, both domestic and overseas, through channels including our agents and partners. A typical example of such an item is the so-called “ISA Process Technology”, an electrolytic copper refining/winning process that features use of stainless steel permanent cathode plates. We actively market a number of other advanced technologies shown below as well both domestically and overseas as partners. ISA Process Cathode Stripping Machine [PDF 5,223KB] MAERZ Anode Furance Gas Purging Technologies [PDF 3,219KB] FOSTER WHEELER Waste Heat Boiler [PDF 1,894KB] FOSTER WHEELER Spring … Continue Reading

Major Works

Overseas Copper Smelting/Refining, Others Factory Automation General Industry & Chemical Industry IT Related Materials, etc. Smelting/Refining Facilities Handling Machine for Refinery Other Refinery/Smelter Machineries Petroleum,Gas,Overhaul Inspection,Pipe