Hydropower Generation, Steam Power Generation, Geothermal Power Generation, & Geothermal Heat Utilization

Nowadays, power generation running on natural energy is attracting attention, and MESCO’s technology is playing a vital role in the delivery of facilities used for such applications as hydropower generation, steam power generation, and geothermal power generation. We also supply their ancillary requirements such as piping systems.

Hydro Power Generation

Based on our abundant experience in constructing new smaller-scale hydropower plants and providing major renovation work for existing power plants, we provide lump-sum EPC services, which include site surveys, feasibility studies, basic design, detailed design, construction, and commissioning, that cover all of the mechanical, electrical, civil, and building areas.

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Transformer Facilities

Steam Power Generation

We have steam power generating facilities that use waste heat boilers available to offer. We can also offer supply of high-power dust eliminators, modification of water pipelines or their replacement, etc. which contribute to boosting the boiler performance.

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Geothermal Power Generation

We will also be happy to offer well-drilling services, supply of steam pipelines and binary-cycle power generation facilities, etc. for geothermal power generation projects.

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Geothermal Heat Utilization

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