Message From President

MESCO, Inc. President Kazuhiko AokiFor over 50 years since MESCO was originally established as Sankin Kiko, Co., Ltd. in 1964,
we have engaged ourselves in the engineering business, pipe business, and materials business operations.

Our Engineering Business Unit pursues the business of constructing non-ferrous metal smelting and refining plants and electronic materials manufacturing plants as well as the business of designing, manufacturing, and installing a variety of equipment. Our geological activity areas are not only limited to the market in Japan. We also operate in other Asian countries, where we have set up our own local bases (in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and so on). Our recent delivery records include construction of hydropower generating plants and solar power plants.

Our Pipe Business Unit is engaged in the business of planning, designing, manufacturing, and installing piping systems composed mainly of high-density polyethylene pipes. Our pipes, thanks to their long lengths and high resistance to earthquakes and corrosion, are used for such applications as water-supply and sewage delivery pipelines for islands and other locations, hot spring water supply pipelines, and waste water discharge pipelines.

Our Materials & Components Department, in the meantime, offers such items as shielding materials suitable for radiation shielding applications, etc. and soundproofing materials, which are both widely used at hospitals, research institutes and laboratories, power generating plants, and so on. In our priority action plan, we aim to further improve and expand all those operations to enhance our inherent technologies and develop new products and applications meeting our customers’ needs and requirements.

Based on Mesco’s management policy of “Putting Our Customers First”, “Being Creative and Taking on Challenges”, and “Taking Joy in Our Work”, we are committed to continuing our efforts on providing our valued customers with technologies and services of the highest levels, developing new technologies, creating new business opportunities, and thereby growing further as a company filled with pride and enthusiasm that appeal to our customers. We would appreciate your continued support and attention. Thank you again,


Kazuhiko Aoki, President, Mesco, Inc.