Engineering services

MESCO’s Engineering Flow

We provide and manage full-package services that cover the entire scope of the project phases, starting from the planning stage and all the way through to the operation and maintenance service stages. We are, also during the course of the project execution, fully prepared to assist you by providing engineering solutions and options best suited to your applications as requested from time to time.

1.Project Planning & Feasibility Studies

  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental assessment
  • Site survey & site selection
At the initial stage of a project, we assist our clients in carrying out feasibility studies based on their needs, site conditions, etc. We also conduct environmental assessment and market research for the goods to be produced.

2.Basic Plant & Equipment Planning

  • Process evaluation
  • Basic plant& equipment planning
  • Process equipment selection
  • Finalization of basic specifications
  • Preliminary cost studies
At the basic plant and equipment planning stage, we conduct analyses, verification tests, and simulations by utilizing our rich resources of technical data to offer our clients the optimum process for the intended purpose. At the equipment selection stage to follow, we pick the type of equipment best suited for the process based on MESCO’s abundant experience.

3.Design & Procurement

  • Basic & detailed design
  • Procurement
  • Delivery control & transportation
We have capable engineers specialized and fully experienced in various fields for carrying out the design work as optimized under our ISO 9001- based quality control system. Materials and equipment required for the plant construction are procured in an optimum manner with the quality, safety, and cost aspects taken into consideration. We also have, in our product lineup, specialized automatic machinery, etc. designed and manufactured in-house by MESCO.

4.onstruction & Work Management/Control

  • Construction
  • Work management/control
  • Machinery/equipment manufacture
MESCO’s sophisticated work management and control system assures delivery of work at the level of quality satisfactory to our customers. It also assures timely accident-free completion of construction work, as managed under the OHSAS 18001 requirements.

5.Operation Training & Commissioning Services

  • Commissioning services
  • Operation training
  • Training services
MESCO works out detailed plans to verify and assure that the plant capacity be duly fulfilled. We also dispatch to the site our experienced and skilled operational personnel for training of the operating personnel of our customers.

6.Maintenance & Aftermarket Services

  • Regular inspection
  • Shutdown work
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Spare parts supply
  • Plant diagnosis
Our services will not stop at the point where the plant has been constructed, commissioned and handed over to our customers. We will be available to offer follow-up services of various kinds such as regular equipment inspection, operational diagnosis, and a variety of upgrade options and solutions. We also have our own specialized spare parts supply team to assist our customers with timely and quick supply of components and materials necessary for their plant and equipment maintenance activities.
1.Project Planning & Feasibility Studies 2.Basic Plant & Equipment Planning 3.Design & Procurement 4.Construction & Work Management/Control 5.Operation Training & Commissioning Services 6.Maintenance & Aftermarket Services