Technical Information

Our expertise is not only limited to technologies of our own developments.
Our line of business also includes such overseas technologies as shown below, offered to our customers, both domestic and overseas, through channels including our agents and partners. A typical example of such an item is the so-called “ISA Process Technology”, an electrolytic copper refining/winning process that features use of stainless steel permanent cathode plates. We actively market a number of other advanced technologies shown below as well both domestically and overseas as partners.

ISA Process Cathode Stripping Machine [PDF 5,223KB]

MAERZ Anode Furance Gas Purging Technologies [PDF 3,219KB]

FOSTER WHEELER Waste Heat Boiler [PDF 1,894KB]

FOSTER WHEELER Spring Hammer [PDF 854KB]

Kumera Steam Dryer

QUEMETCO RSR Anodes for Electrowinning [PDF 1,950KB]

OUTOTEC Electrically Heated Copper Launder [PDF 1,471KB]

MIPAC Copper Concentration Monitor [PDF 1,041KB]